I don’t know what was on my mind when I was  about 13, when I started writing lyric and sang it into a song with my old guitar and piano.

I was born in an 'unmusical' family; I remember My mom came up to me and she asked me  to learn piano. I was 5 at that time.

Since then, I grew up surrounded by the arts. From the ballet club,  the drama club  to the music class.

My first job as a teenager, is teaching piano to adults.  Right after high school, I became a session musicians in the studios, and also joined various bands as the lead keyboard player and background vocal, and performed around cafés, hotels, and churches back in my hometown Jakarta, Indonesia.

Doubt, fear, and anxious about my music career came easily. Until one day, I decided to stop. Stop writing all those lyric and melody. The fear got me. Well, “God plan is not my plan”.  As the time passed, I couldn’t help it but writing and singing. Then I knew….He wants me to do this.

In 2008 God called me to move to Atlanta,GA, where I was afraid about the possibility. In January 2009, the journey began. Suddenly, I was offered a job as a music director by a local church based in Orange County, California. So I moved to California and had a long distance relationship with my ex boyfriend (now he is my wonderful husband) Devin, for about a year.

I have learned a lot since. God showed His love and mercy to me like never before.

When I moved back to Atlanta with invaluable experience during my stay in California, About one and half year later, I got a precious call that surely Gods way for me. He answered PRAYER! It became clear that I should do what He want me to do. I pray for every person who read this will find comfort and peace in my music.

We’ve all had times when we feel powerless in our circumstances, but with the grace that God gave to us, our heart will not be weary anymore. We don’t need to understand His way now, Just remember about His goodness and faithfulness … It will strengthen our heart. God is whispering to you right now, “Everything is gonna be alright because I am here, I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.”

About rica

Since she got back to Atlanta GA, from Los Angeles, CA she has been involved in several commercial music projects. She wrote and composed two jingle songs for Franks and Toppings, a burger joint in Texas. She showcased her musical talent at the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Southeast Chapter-Indonesian American Chamber of Commerce Dinner.

She also did a couple music projects and had the privilege to performed at Inland Empire Gospel Festival 2009  also performed an open worship for an event at Fullerton Theology Seminary, CA.

One of her songs called “Who Am I” became one of the sound track in an Indie Movie titled “ Grey Area” produced by International Full Gospel Fellowship Atlanta.

Her first single, in 2012 featuring Seth Condrey;  "If I can't praise you" won 2nd place in a song contest held by Victory 91.5 FM, an Atlanta local Christian radio station

She was ministered as a worship leader and as a keyboard player at local  Church in Atlanta.  Currently, she ministers in  Gwinnett Church, and Buckhead Church,  as a worship leader.


Singer Songwriter Rica Tan, pitting her vocals against landscapes of twinkling piano, and strings. Due to her diverse musical background, she came up with the idea of minimalist concept with a unique dynamic. She brought her music into her first Christian recording album. Some of her musical influences are Billie Holiday, Hillsongs, Israel Houghton, Norah Jones. Love to discover lyrics and melody- a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a music teacher,and aunt and She loves to cook!